Chillin' with my Bunnies Sublimation Transfer Ready to Press

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Chillin' with my Bunnies Sublimation Transfer Ready to Press

📌📏 Print Size: Adult 10.5" W x 10.5" H
(These measurements are estimate and may vary slightly)

Are you ready to express yourself with a unique design? Try Chillin' with my Bunnies sublimation transfer, the perfect way to make your project stand out! With vibrant colors, a unique design and the highest quality sublimation transfer paper, you'll be sure to impress!

We use only the highest quality sublimation printer inks and paper. These have been tested and proven to provide the best quality prints onto sublimation materials when applied properly. 

Sublimation Application Information


✔ The sublimation process requires a HEAT PRESS, household iron will not work!

✔ Sublimation transfers work best with 100% white or light colored polyester or 65% polyester for a vintage look

✔ Transfers must be used on a substrate coated for sublimation. (mugs, tumblers etc.)

🔷 If you are not familiar with sublimation, please familiarize yourself before applying the design.



PLEASE do your research on sublimation prior to ordering as we are not responsible for any pressing errors. If done correctly, your image will bold and vibrant.

🚫We are not responsible for any damage to any substrate you may be using.

🚫 NO refunds will be offered will be offered due to nature of the product. It is your responsibility to look over prints before pressing.